How to Detail Your Ford's Engine Bay

While most people don't spend much time looking at their engines, there are still good reasons to keep them clean. Built-up debris can clog air vents, impacting performance, and it's much easier to find leaks or corrosion if your engine isn't coated with gunk.

A recent episode of Autoblog Details covered engine detailing, and Santa Monica Ford Lincoln is happy to share the highlights:

  • Remove major debris from hood jams and vents
  • Cover the electric components with plastic before gently hosing off the engine
  • Use a toothbrush (or other small brush) to scrub tight spaces with all-purpose cleaner
  • Rinse and dry with compressed air and a towel
  • Condition plastic components with a water-based tire dressing

Be sure to remove the plastic protective coverings about halfway through drying to ensure the electric components are dry as well, and run the engine to make sure everything is still working correctly. It may seem intimidating, but keeping the engine clean will help prolong your vehicle's life.

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