The Lights on Your Dashboard Are Great for Diagnosis

Modern car motoring has been made easier by the application of technologies that assist you to detect problems easily. Dashboard lights are being applied universally while others differ from one manufacturer to the other.

Here are a few descriptions and actions needed when a particular dash light comes on.

  • If you see the Check Engine Light your vehicle's computer has detected a faulty component or system in the emission control system
  • The Coolant Light comes on to indicate that your engine is hot and it's time for you to check the coolant.
  • The TPMS Light indicates the status of your tires. If it comes on and stays on check your tires for low pressure.


    There are several signals covering a lot of problems. They are helpful diagnostic tools for you as you consider getting help from a technician. When the time does come, you can get help from the service center at Santa Monica Ford in Santa Monica, CA.


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