Why You Need to Know What a Timing Belt Is

If you are ever driving around Santa Monica, CA and you think your car might be running a little funny, it's going to pay off to trust that instinct. It turns out that there might be something like the timing belt going wrong.

The timing belt is a part of your car that keeps your camshaft and crankshaft running in tune. If something happens to your timing belt there is a chance that your engine could go really, really wrong. The timing belt is something that can completely destroy your engine. Even if the engine is not completely gone, the timing belt slipping or breaking is going to cost you thousands of dollars to fix the engine.

If you think there's a chance you have a problem with the timing belt, you need to get yourself to our service center here at Santa Monica Ford Lincoln and talk to the experts about what you think is wrong with your car so they can look it over.



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