Our Story

SMF Collision Center Mission Statement

Our organization is dedicated to becoming a leading automotive collision repair solutions provider for the top auto insurers and their policyholders for the Southern California region. We accomplish this by providing high quality repairs, consistently reduced repair cycle time, and superior service in a professional, modern, and clean environment. The following principles guide our decision making and any new company policies that are developed:

  •           Grow the company while adhering to our uncompromising values and principles.
  •           Embrace diversity, respect, and dignity as an essential way that we conduct our business.
  •           Embrace our local communities and do our part to improve the environment.
  •           Recognize that being reasonably profitable is essential to building the company that we are
  •           trying to build.

Our value proposition is driven by leading customer satisfaction results and consistently reduced repair time as enabled by our Lean Manufacturing Repair Model. We recognize that our mission cannot be accomplished without a team that is highly experienced, well trained, and properly represents the core values of the company.

The SMF Collision Center's Team Commitment

A successful company has a culture and values that promote open and honest communications, accountability and a strong team orientation. Fostering such a culture requires a commitment from everybody.

Passion for the Customer
We will always know who our internal and external customers are and take pride in being responsive and accountable to them. We realize that our company exists to serve our customers, and acknowledge that without them we have no company.

We will engage in open, honest and constructive communications. Our priorities are to listen first, understand thoughtfully and reply respectfully.

We recognize that getting it right is better than just doing it fast. We will always remain focused on achieving the highest quality. Our reputation cannot be compromised in any way shape or form. If it's almost right - it's still wrong!

We will respect each other's diversity, rights and opinions. Everyone will be treated with dignity and civility. Being prompt and prepared for meetings and appointments is one of the ways that we respect each other's time and value.

We are accountable to our customers (internal or external), co-workers, staff, community, suppliers, the environment, and owners. We recognize that how swiftly we respond to others reflects on us as individuals as well as on the company that we are trying to create.

We will conduct all aspects of our business in a socially responsible manner according to the highest legal and ethical standards. We are honest and forthright in our actions and will hold anyone that we work with, or for, to the same standard.

We realize that having a good attitude is a choice that we have every day, and we choose to focus on the positives. We recognize that a positive attitude is infectious and that through our actions we can spread it throughout the company.

We know that life is too short to miss the chance to enjoy what we do and the people we're with. We take time to laugh every once in a while, even if we're laughing at ourselves.