The Importance and Ease of Having Your Oil Changed Here at Santa Monica Ford!

We all know that it's important to get your oil changed when the recommended mileage interval has been reached, but many people don't realize why this is. Here at Santa Monica Ford, we want to make sure that you always have a place to bring your Ford vehicle when it's time for an oil change. Our expert technicians specialize in oil changes and can get your Ford vehicle's oil changed and back to you in a matter of minutes! Frequent oil changes offer many benefits, and we're going to delve into why they are so important in order to offer the information necessary for you to keep your vehicle running like new far into the future!

Motor oil's first function is to keep your engine clean and free from dirt and debris that might find its way in. It also helps to keep the thousands of moving components properly lubricated and cool to protect against overheating. When you wait too long to have your vehicle's oil changed, the oil can gunk up and cause your engine to run less efficiently, and eventually, it can cause it to stop working altogether. Engine repairs are expensive. Oil changes on the other hand are the least expensive way to keep your vehicle running at the highest level possible far into the future

If you're currently in need of an oil change here in the greater Santa Monica, CA area, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our service center here at Santa Monica Ford and we'll get your oil changed out for you in a matter of minutes!

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