The Ford C-MAX is Smart

The popular Ford C-MAX is not only smart looking. The hybrid also offers time and money saving features. You only need to push a button to start the engine while your keys remain safely in your purse or pocket. As long as you have the access key with you, merely touch the door handle to unlock the door. Depress the brake pedal and the start button, put the vehicle into gear, and you are on your way.

Parallel parking is no longer a hassle when using the handy assist technology. The C-MAX finds a parking space for you by analyzing the size of open spaces. Once a proper space is found, you get a signal to stop and let the system do the rest. You need simply to shift, accelerate and brake as needed. Rain-sensing windshield wipers and rear-view cameras are also convenient. Come see the new Ford C-MAX at Santa Monica Ford Lincoln today.

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