Does the Ford Flex Carry the BLIS Feature?

Blind spots have cursed the driver since automobile traffic became an issue. Traveling down the road with rear-view mirrors and outside mirrors in place and well angles still left a blind spot where drivers could not see other vehicles. With a full-sized vehicle like the Ford Flex, the blind spot is an even larger issue.

With the invention of the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), the issue of the unseen causing hackles is alleviated. As an option for the Ford Flex, the BLIS offers additional safety with minimal cost. Sensors are strategically placed on both sides of the Flex and angled to detect movement in the unseen spot. When motion is detected, a signal is sent to the computer that then displays a warning light on the outside mirror on either side of the Ford Flex.

Come to Santa Monica Ford in Santa Monica, CA and we demonstrate the BLIS for you.

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