For Insurers

Why SMF CC is Los Angeles' Most Progressive Repairer

The key to our business is working closely with our insurance partners to deliver a seamless claims settlement process. We make sure that the customer receives outstanding service and that we provide value to all constituents throughout the entire process. We understand that we are a key part of the claims service delivery process and we don't take that obligation lightly.

The Lean Manufacturing Process is a key component in our achievement of outstanding quality, cycle time, and CSI results. We have driven as many as 6 days out of the repair process, which has resulted in dramatic results for our company and our insurance partners and has changed how we now look at the business. We anticipate further improvements as we drive Lean further into the organization.

  •     Great Location serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Monica, Long Beach and Van Nuys
  •     Modern facility with all the latest equipment, technology and offices
  •     Lifetime warranty
  •     Average repair cycle time of 6 days (drivable and non-drivable)
  •     Significant reduction in rental expense
  •     Strong CSI Results - we call on every closed RO
  •     Use CynCast to proactively manage DRP performance
  •     On-site Vehicle rental solution provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  •     Use AllData to speed access to accurate OEM Collision Repair Technical Information
  •     Use frequent Verifacts Technician and Estimator Coaching to stay current with the latest repair
  •     practices and techniques
  •     High emphasis on training and very low employee turn-over
  •     I-CAR Gold Status committment
  •     Member of the Better Business Bureau


  •     2 Heated Down Draft Paint booths
  •     1 Heated Down draft prep area for paint
  •     prep and spraying
  •     2 Genesis computer Frame
  •     measurement systems
  •     1 Chief S21 frame machine
  •     1 Chief EZ-Liner frame machine
  •     1 Car-O-Liner frame machine
  •     2 Car-O-Liner Speed Lifts (light pulls
  •     without leaving the techs stall)
  •     1 Pro-Spot PR-10 resistance welder
  •     1 Car-O-Liner Resistance welder
  •     8 Miller Matic Mig Welders
  •     2 Two-post lifts
  •     1 AC evacuation and recharging
  •     machine

  •     SP2 Safety and Pollution Prevention
  •     Annual on-site I-CAR Welding certifications
  •     Ongoing I-CAR training programs
  •     Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Workshop
  •     Numerous "Lean Manufacturing"
  •     workshops and training courses
  •     Use VeriFacts for technician coaching and
  •     have been since 2005
  •     Use VeriFacts file reviews to insure BAR
  •     compliance, estimate accuracy, and
  •     insurance partner performance
  •     I-CAR Gold status commitment
  •     Subscribe to AllData's Collision Repair
  •     web-site
  •     Member of the Better Business Bureau
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